Friday, 29 August 2008

IF (by Rudyard Kipling Junior) : My questions for Anwar

you are to be the prime minister of Malaysia,
will the promised new dawn really rise?

you are to be the prime minister of malaysia
will the hated grey dust really fade away?

you are to be my leader
will you really lead by example?

you are to be the hope
will hope remains?

we are to be your canvass
will you be our van gogh?

(Picture downloaded from angah316.fotopages)

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Tuhan, aku ingin kembali

melihat ke dalam mata anak itu
terbit rindu
pada ketulusan kata yang hanya selapis makna

membaca kejernihan mata anak itu
timbul ingin
pada keikhlasan rasa yang lurus tujunya

begitu aku menilai kekotoran nurani
pada diri yang jauh sesat di belantara duniawi
kata-kata senyum dan tangis yang sentiasa dilingkari
kelupaan pada tujuan ukhrawi
gerak badan angguk dan geleng yang penuh makna
penuh siratan yang membayangi tujuan

merenung sinar dari mata anak itu
membuat aku ingin kembali.

Monday, 18 August 2008

My personal questions for Pakatan and Barisan

i have long had these questions lingered in my mind... i've tried to answer it myself, but failed miserably. nobody seems to care. nobody seems to be genuinely interested in answering it for me. i dunno, maybe it's just me, or maybe, the truth is too bitter to swallow...
so, i'll post the questions here. it might remain as that, unanswered. but, i sincerely hope it could at least spark something in our mind, to ponder, and reflect, and then decide...

questions for Pakatan Rakyat
  1. if one day, you are chosen as the government of the day, would you really abolish the NEP/DEB ? why?
  2. if one day, you are chosen to power, will you really make everybody equal, no more bumiputera/non-bumiputera? so, if there exist disadvantages on the bumiputera side that make them less able to compete in the cruel Chinese-controlled economy, you won't care? no affirmative actions?
  3. what happens to Uitm? would you open it to non-bumi? concept of equality connotes that quota is unacceptable. so, based on merit per-se, will you allow non-bumi students to outnumber bumi students in Uitm?
  4. will you tolerate dissenting views by way of abolishing all the preventive acts such as ISA, AUKU, permit for media etc? so, if it so happen that one day there are views that incite racial tensions would you just ignore them and recite freedom of speech?
  5. who are the malays in your eyes?

questions for Barisan nasional

  1. if you were to remain in power post 16sept2008, are you going to stop all this fight against corruption? will you sincerely continue to spring-clean your house? or would you be back to your arrogant ways?
  2. if you were to remain in power, will you be more pro-rakyat? or will you be back scratching each other's back, making more money than you can count through suspicious deals?
  3. are you going to really fight for the betterment of Islam? or just keep paying lip-service, sweeping all concerns under the carpet? business as usual? or are you really going to sincerely address all this inter-racial-religion concerns?
  4. are you really going to re-look all the preventive act (ISA,OSA etc) so that they are abuse-proof? or will you make a u-turn and launch the second operasi lalang?
  5. who are the malays in your eyes?

so, my conscience is clear... i wonder, who really truly care for me, and my religion? and my race ?

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Malaysia : 50 Years Ahead

Malaysia is on the brink of change. Change Malaysia will. But which way? whither the old Malaysian way, courteous, accomodating citizens. Enter the new malaysia, aggresive, vocal, rights-conscious shareholder.
1. those in power are struggling to fathom this new Malaysia. some who do, are lost in the rough unforgiving political jungle. there still exist of course, greedy outdated politicians, who thrives forward boosted by Ringgit. they stand triumphant, winning cawangan and bahagian election, cheered by full stomach-ed supporters. and among the debris of their celebration, the poor are left picking crumbs....
2. enter the political masters who are at the dusk of their career, whining, shouting, complaining..Money Politics!! unfair practices!! "RASUAH MEMBARAH DALAM PEMILIHAN UMNO - Syed Hamid Albar", when they themselves, once upon a time , were very much involved in it all...
3. enter Shabery Chik, the self-declared "dragon Slayer". "i think i have done well!"... when in true fact, done well he did - in further tarnishing the party's image. well he did, in brushing away what's left with UMNO.
4. Malaysia is indeed going to change. Malaysia dreams of honest and true leaders. malaysia dreams of a leader who has the people in his heart. a leader who is pro-rakyat! introducing policies and laws that are for the rakyat. a leader who can stand tall in defending the rakyat against anything - greedy business people, dirty political reps, corrupt government servants, UMNO Youth Men who without shame complains the lack of money-making projects for themselves!!!...
5. Dream hard Malaysians, we're almost there!

Monday, 4 August 2008

money politics vs bribery ?

why wasn't i surprised?
Seremban UMNO strongman held for bribery?

we have a big problem. we have a disgusting situation where when layman, you and i, give out money in order to gain something, we would definitely be considered as giving BRIBE.
Yet, when UMNO politician give out money, it's MONEY POLITICS!!

i am trained in language study. i am no linguist, but i know quite a bit about language. each and every word in a language has its own "weight". rhetorically, when you say "i am foolish", the weight is lighter than if you say "i am stupid". when you say "i may go", the probability of you going would be less than when you say " i will go".

so, for those who care, when Najib said that he was sad that MONEY POLITICS is very much alive in UMNO, did he really mean it? why still call it money politics , when you should start referring it to its true generic name,BRIBERY?. why?
or are UMNOians really don't care?