Wednesday, 24 December 2008

PAS Dilemma, to be or not to be

Pas' gain in the previous general election was so overwhelming, that even the most hardcore of Pas supporters finally gave in to their leaders' logic of co-operating with DAP. i was surprised, you would be surprised too, if you had the chance to talk to some of these hardcore supporters nowadays. imagine a person who treat their own muslim brothers in UMNO as infidels, now proudly displays affection to DAP, the real enemy of us muslims. imagine a person who would never want to reason any muzakarah with UMNO, now proudly brags his "sacrifices" to guarantee the fall of his muslim brothers in Penang to the hand of DAP.
and i have a problem here. small to you political pundits who boast tactical wisdom (duh), but big to me, a concerned muslim. it's big, when in front of my eyes i see my religion (and thus my race) are being insulted and disrespected. it's big, when my own party,PAS, embrace the real enemy of my religion. my own party, the very party that has its members swear to protect and uphold the sanctity of Islam, come what may.
yes, political wisdom, tactical move, you may say. but political gain with Islam left bruised and insulted? i don't think so.
now, my leaders need to stand firm and decide..
1. stay with DAP, get political powers, tolerate their insult, give in, live happily ever after
2. leave DAP, lose some states, stand tall and proud in defending Islam, live happily in the afterlife

up to you lah! you are all ulama'. and i am only a distant voice who need not be counted. but, i tell you one thing, put your trust where or to whom it belongs. do read Lim Kit Siang's "Timebomb in Malaysia" - a collection of his speeches way back in 1969. read, and understand who he was, is, and will be.

Monday, 15 December 2008

Malay Unity what?

Much have been said about malay unity. to different people malay unity means differently. to you malay unity might mean no more political bickering amongst malays. to me malay unity might be just that, malays united in a single platform. but alas, the phrase remains as that, a phrase. unfortunately for those who are really in the mainstream of malay political power though, malay unity is oft-defined solely to satisfy their own interests!
  1. For UMNO, malay unity can only be achieved by disbanding all other malay-based political parties and join them.
  2. For Pas, malay unity is impossible until and unless all other malay political parties subscribe to its brand of Islam, and accept their interpretation of Islamic governance.
  3. For PKR though, malay unity can only be achieved when malays work together with other races, with the malays being the core of the nation..when the malays are made to compete equally with the other races, naturally malay unity will stand...
i don't know. i mean, if, in order for us malays to unite we have to practise a uniparty system, then whose party, or which party do we choose? everybody will feel and think that their party is the sole party that deserve to remain. then, let's say in the very unlikely event that all malay political parties were to agree to merge, which will be the core party? who's going to be made the president, with sincere wholehearted support from everybody?
i say,
let's let the current system remains. but when it comes to things that call for a strong single voice, malay voice, let's unite. let's strengthen our brotherhood, by being together when malay rights are being challenged . let's not remain quiet when our partners insult us, unite, and tell them off straight to their face. i mean, why are we so apologetic when we actually should be proud to show them who's the boss!

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Mengenang Jebatku

jika hari ini aku lupa tentang bangsaku
ingatkanlah aku tentang darah yang kau tumpahkan
demi menebus kemungkaran durja
titah raja yang bermata buta
diraup bisik bangsat yang derhaka pada bangsa

jika hari ini aku lalai mendokong bangsaku
ingatkanlah aku tentang gelora yang kau tiupkan
hingga tenggelam bahtera celaka
yang belayar ke lautan hitam pekat
di kemudi manusia binatang berlidah dua

maafkan aku panglima
ampunkan aku yang selalu lupa
pada bangsaku. maafkan aku yang selalu enggan
bangun dari mimpi indah
sedang bangsaku dirobek ghairah
si derhaka berkulit merah

Monday, 1 December 2008

Jemputan ke sisi ALLAH

I wish to offer my sincerest condolences to the family of ALLAHyarham Datuk Razali Ismail, our deputy education minister. May ALLAH bless him with forgiveness and rahmah.
His appointment as deputy minister was seen by us in the ministry as a light at the end of a dusty and dark tunnel of education. his background as an educationist has made it possible for him to fully appreciate every nook and crannies of our education jungle. too many opportunistic politicians -who had not any inkling of what education is all about- had dipped their dirty hands into the future of our children. thus his appointment had at least rejuvenated our hope which had dimmed all these while.
Of course, his very short time in ministry might not make it possible for him to make a very strong impression on all of us. however, those who had had the chance to work with him said that he was a very hardworking man, and his experiences as an educationist had made it possible for him to really understand the game. Alas, man can only propose, but God disposes.
"Kullu nafsin zaa iqatul maut". May ALLAH bless him. semoga ALLAH menempat ALLAHyarham bersama orang-orang yang di beri petunjuk dan hidayah.