Tuesday, 29 July 2008

PAS-UMNO Perak Government ; Paradiso?

What a pleasant surprise!
never in a thousand years that i would ever imagine such tie in present political turmoil.
but alas, as the oft-quoted political wisdom states : in politics, a day is a long time....
bravo DS Tajul Rosli, and congratulations to PAS for being receptive to the idea.
granted that the idea might just remain an idea, it shows how far we can go, for the sake of Malay unity. it's ok really. it's really ok even if the idea does not materialise. what matters most is the first step has been taken.
and ladies and gentlemen,
please take note on DS Ong Ka Ting's statement in NST a few days ago, regarding PAS-UMNO talks mooted by Pak Lah... He was on record saying that MCA "disagree but won't oppose" the muzakarah. so, Melayu-melayu semua, take note, read deeper than the surface....

Monday, 21 July 2008

The sidelined Sabah Part 2

Sabah, with tens of ethnics and subethnics, yet they share one common
feeling - disillusion
once upon a time, UMNO expanded its wings to Sabah, under grand tempting
offerings. Peninsular UMNO politicians promised the moon and the sky.
sabah will never again be the same!. no more hard core poor.
no more manipulation by the select few rich Sabah politicians.
dozens of visits and consultations made, in order to ensure smooth
transfer of power balance particularly due to the conversion of USNO members
to UMNO.
alas, after more than a decade, what happens to all the promises??

i once drove from Sandakan to Kota Kinabalu, all 400++ kms. and what did i see??
ladies and gentlemen,
  1. gravel stretches still exist in Sabah.
  2. potholes ( a dangerously wide potholes) scattered along the route, at the edges of ravines
  3. Sabahans use old battered 4wds and vans as their main public transportation
  4. small towns look like Peninsular's small towns 20-30 years ago, with wooden shophouses lining both sides of the road
  5. some rakyat still live in huts, on stilt, don't believe me? go spend a day in Kinabatangan, Tawau, ranau, even Kundasang( barely 2 hours from KK)
  6. KK is so developed, with all the modern trappings... but really, who benefit the most?? the kadazan? the Sungai? the Dusun? i don't think so...

Friday, 18 July 2008

the sidelined Sabah

Some people might be left wondering, why, after so long being considered as the most quiet of all, the Sabahan ( read- Sabah politician) suddenly screamed attention. one might wonder why now? why when UMNO-BN coalition is facing the most serious challenge of all time...
are they playing poker? are they genuinely fighting for what's due for them? or are they merely seeking more personal gain?
let me tell you one thing, the politicians may have some personal agenda on their sleeves, but their cries are VALID.
in my line of duty, i had to travel, a lot.. recently, i was instructed to go to sabah and carry a research in schools there. here are some of my findings..
  1. Schools located only 20 minutes from Kota Kinabalu, physically, they are in deplorable conditions. one school which is only 5minutes from Nexus Karambunai ( where politicians love to hang out) consists of 2 blocks of wooden buildings. the headmaster cries insufficient fund to run the school.
  2. one school not far from the first school is also operating from wooden building. the teachers' room is a stuffy 20X20 room, with teachers sharing table amongst them. dogs run freely in the school compound, with the fence falls unrepaired.
  3. When i was in Sabah, i was fortunate to be given help by the Pejabat Pelajaran Gabungan to move around. we traveled to the schools by an old toyota 4wd. the driver confided to me that the 4wd was in a such trashy condition, that they had to change the seat cover by themselves so as not to embarrass the Jabatan.
  4. remember - the schools are all in the capital city!!

i spent 5 days in Kota Kinabalu, yet i could feel the vibration...the Sabahans have long feel neglected. they are fed-up with federal. federal politicians treat sabah as a spring board to higher positions in the party, but that's about all. yong teck lee was correct in saying that the momentum should be retained.... Sabah - enter the dragon slayer!!!

Friday, 11 July 2008



I, Malay-machista hereby solemnly declare
that i have evidence that Hang Tuah, the Malay hero of yore
was and always has been a WOMAN.
i have reasons to believe that all malays, except for some,
had always been deceived that he was our true Male hero.
herewith i list the reasons of the aforementioned..

  1. There was never mentioned, in any written text, nor in any oral tradition version, when Hang Tuah was actually circumcised ( a compulsary practise for Muslim Man)
  2. There was never mentioned, in any written text, nor in any oral tradition version, any occurences of hang Tuah and friends went swimming naked, a normal practice of Malay boys
  3. There was never mentioned in "Risalah Hiburan Melaka", a gossip magazine of 1400-1511, about any romance / scandalous affair of Hang Tuah
  4. hang Tuah managed to grab the famous keris of Taming Sari by chance. Tamingsari was in total shock when he gripped Tuah from behind, and discovered that Tuah has a pair of very soft flesh with two slightly oversized nipple ( for a man ), thus Tuah, sensing his cover was about to be exposed, quickly grabbed the kris and stabbed Tamingsari
  5. Tuah killed Jebat because Jebat accidentally cut Tuah's belt, thus exposing his underwear. seeing that Tuah actually didn't have penis, Jebat laughed madly. Tuah took the chance and killed his friend.
  6. When Tuah kidnapped Tun Teja from terengganu, they spent months sharing a small cabin of a tongkang on their way back to Melaka. why wasn't Teja Pregnant? Tuah was never known to be religious...
  7. towards the end of his glory days, Tuah mysteriously disappeared. legend has it that he went to Mecca in apparition. the legend was untrue. he ran away because if he were to die in Melaka, the Imam would know....
  8. his real name is DANG BUAH
I also hereby solemnly declare that never at any time during
the construction of this declaration, was i ever threatened nor
forced to make the aforementioned statutary declaration.

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

PEMUDA UMNO : a bird eye's view

PEMUDA has long been misunderstood by many
  • for enemies - it's where the gangsters gather
  • for outsiders - it's a gold mine
  • for insiders - it's a stepping stone
  • for elders - it's where troublemakers gather
  • for youngsters - it's where you ask for money
  • for girls - a place where you look for "abang" with a fully tinted Harrier
  • for post aspirants - it's where you look for "macai"
  • for incumbents - it's where you recruit your worshipper
  • for idealist - it's where you shout rhetorics
  • for losers - it's where you put your blame

so, ladies and gentlemen..

take your pick...and for PEMUDA, sudahkah anda kenal diri anda?

or would you rather let people judge you based on their own presumptions? sedih brother!

Sunday, 6 July 2008

feeling the pinch

dear friends,
too much politics had entered my sacred blog, and now i want to put a stop to it. i once got acquainted with a tabligh guy who said;"politics make you excited without reason"...
how true!!! imagine, we are in a middle of one of the worst economic tsunami and yet here you are, finding fault with people! duh!!
takpelah, i've got one interesting article i want to share with you. it's written by Mr.Azizi Ali, a prominent and charismatic millionaire. hope he doesn't mind me quoting him...
here goes..

Special Report: Simple ways to cut
your transportation expenses

by Azizi Ali
Perhaps the single highest expenditure of every family is the transportation bill. The amount of money spent on fuel, parking, toll and not to mention paying the car loan often run into some big obscene figure. And it's never a pretty sight.
Worse, we often argue that the cost is justified. “Hey, we need wheels to get around, you know. And since we already paid fifty thousand for the car, we can't just let it rust in the garage, can we?”
Now while some of the points are valid, it may do us some good to review some of the points about traveling. If we can cut down just ten percent of our transportation bill, that's an extra ten percent available for more productive use.

Buy cars with low engine cc
First thing we can do is to choose a car with a lower cc. The obvious example is the cute little Perodua Kancil. But if you find it a teeny weenie bit too small, then any engine below 2 liters should be fine.
On the other spectrum, any cc above 2.5 liters will just suck in fuel like water. This is not counting the higher road tax yet. So if you do buy those big cc cars, don't complain about high fuel costs. You know what you are getting into. Style, if you have not realized it yet, often cost a lot of money. A lot.

Service the car regularly
Make it a point to send the car for service regularly. While you may think it is expensive, it is actually cheaper to do so in the long run. Firstly, your car will burn less fuel. A badly tuned engine will burn more fuel than one that is well maintained. This will cost you money. Next, you reduce the chances of the car breaking down while driving. I don't know about you but the thought of the car breaking down in the middle of the night in a dark deserted road just about kills me. Thirdly, you also reduce the chances of being involved in an accident due to poor maintenance.
And if you still think servicing the car is still expensive, try having an accident.

Drive slower
You will also reduce the fuel burn by driving slower. If you are used to driving at 110 km/hr, you will save some 20 percent of fuel just by slowing down to 80 km/hr. That means the fuel will last longer and you will refill less often. End result - you save money.

Do not carry unnecessary cargo
Obviously, the heavier the car, the more fuel will be needed to move the car. Carrying unnecessary cargo therefore will just cost you money. So, remove all items that do not belong in the car and keep them where it does not cost you money. The store room should be about right.

Ensure correct wheel pressure
Under inflated tyres can increase the fuel consumption by 10 percent or more. They also wear out more quickly and are more dangerous in emergency situations. So always ensure that your tyres are having the correct pressure by checking them weekly.

Always check the map before driving to a new destination
Always, always check the map before driving to any new destination or any place that you are unsure of. What you want to do is to get to your destination the most straight forward way, if not the quickest. This way, you avoid getting lost and driving around in circles. Because if you do get lost, driving around town in circles will just cost you money. Not to mention of the irritation and rising temperatures.

Car pool
Car pooling will not reduce your fuel bill directly. But it will more than subsidize the cost. If you take in more than one passenger, you may even make money in the process! This is not counting the fun of having company to entertain you yet.

Use the public transport
And finally, to save even more, you can always take the public transport. Especially when going to a spot well known for traffic jams - Jalan Sultan Ismail for example - take the LRT instead. You'll arrive there faster, fresher and less hassled. Way to go, kiddo.
And if you want more...

If you like to find out more ways to reduce your expenses, check out the book 1001 Ways to Cut Your Expenses by Jonathan D. Pond. Needless to say, it is full of ideas in which you can save money. Even some far-out ideas that no one will think of in a thousand years. Examples – ask for a modest tombstone or even more drastic, to be cremated instead of being buried! Nothing will top that!

Copyright © Azizi Ali 2006