Monday, 4 August 2008

money politics vs bribery ?

why wasn't i surprised?
Seremban UMNO strongman held for bribery?

we have a big problem. we have a disgusting situation where when layman, you and i, give out money in order to gain something, we would definitely be considered as giving BRIBE.
Yet, when UMNO politician give out money, it's MONEY POLITICS!!

i am trained in language study. i am no linguist, but i know quite a bit about language. each and every word in a language has its own "weight". rhetorically, when you say "i am foolish", the weight is lighter than if you say "i am stupid". when you say "i may go", the probability of you going would be less than when you say " i will go".

so, for those who care, when Najib said that he was sad that MONEY POLITICS is very much alive in UMNO, did he really mean it? why still call it money politics , when you should start referring it to its true generic name,BRIBERY?. why?
or are UMNOians really don't care?


Don Balon said...

Di, den linkan blog ekau kek blog den yo..
ha'ah.. UMNO semuo bondo exclusive..

malay-machista said...

ko link lah sesuko ati ko,
aku memang tengah meradang dengan sesetengah puak2 UMNO yang greedy rasuah ni...
kalau ko tengok paper minggu lepas, hamid albar ada cakap "politik wang dah jadi barah" dalam UMNO. apo lai, RASUAH LA TUH!!