Friday, 18 July 2008

the sidelined Sabah

Some people might be left wondering, why, after so long being considered as the most quiet of all, the Sabahan ( read- Sabah politician) suddenly screamed attention. one might wonder why now? why when UMNO-BN coalition is facing the most serious challenge of all time...
are they playing poker? are they genuinely fighting for what's due for them? or are they merely seeking more personal gain?
let me tell you one thing, the politicians may have some personal agenda on their sleeves, but their cries are VALID.
in my line of duty, i had to travel, a lot.. recently, i was instructed to go to sabah and carry a research in schools there. here are some of my findings..
  1. Schools located only 20 minutes from Kota Kinabalu, physically, they are in deplorable conditions. one school which is only 5minutes from Nexus Karambunai ( where politicians love to hang out) consists of 2 blocks of wooden buildings. the headmaster cries insufficient fund to run the school.
  2. one school not far from the first school is also operating from wooden building. the teachers' room is a stuffy 20X20 room, with teachers sharing table amongst them. dogs run freely in the school compound, with the fence falls unrepaired.
  3. When i was in Sabah, i was fortunate to be given help by the Pejabat Pelajaran Gabungan to move around. we traveled to the schools by an old toyota 4wd. the driver confided to me that the 4wd was in a such trashy condition, that they had to change the seat cover by themselves so as not to embarrass the Jabatan.
  4. remember - the schools are all in the capital city!!

i spent 5 days in Kota Kinabalu, yet i could feel the vibration...the Sabahans have long feel neglected. they are fed-up with federal. federal politicians treat sabah as a spring board to higher positions in the party, but that's about all. yong teck lee was correct in saying that the momentum should be retained.... Sabah - enter the dragon slayer!!!

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Sabahan said...


You have been worked in Sabah.. and i believe you know our position and condition but BN leader in KL half blindly to accept the situation in Sabah. We (SBH/SWK) deserved to given much more allocation as our resources (oil/gas) have contributed to Malaysia progress. In addition, we should treated differently as we joint T Melayu to form Malaysia.