Tuesday, 8 July 2008

PEMUDA UMNO : a bird eye's view

PEMUDA has long been misunderstood by many
  • for enemies - it's where the gangsters gather
  • for outsiders - it's a gold mine
  • for insiders - it's a stepping stone
  • for elders - it's where troublemakers gather
  • for youngsters - it's where you ask for money
  • for girls - a place where you look for "abang" with a fully tinted Harrier
  • for post aspirants - it's where you look for "macai"
  • for incumbents - it's where you recruit your worshipper
  • for idealist - it's where you shout rhetorics
  • for losers - it's where you put your blame

so, ladies and gentlemen..

take your pick...and for PEMUDA, sudahkah anda kenal diri anda?

or would you rather let people judge you based on their own presumptions? sedih brother!

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